Australia and New Zealand TMMI Local Chapter

The Local Chapter works to promote software quality and test process improvement, through the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi®), by:

  • Connecting interested professionals to share experiences and support each other in the promotion of software quality and test process improvement
  • Providing outreach to organisations and companies to assist and promote member’s efforts to improve software quality through test process improvement
  • Encouraging member’s seeking professional TMMi Certification through knowledge sessions (SIGISTs), connecting to mentors and coaches, and promoting certified TMMi training providers
  • Representing the interests of the TMMi Foundation to the ANZTB community
  • Connecting and supporting organisations to build TMMi training and assessment products

TMMi Model

The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is an independent guide and reference framework for test process improvement.

The TMMi Foundation developed it because most software process improvement models such as CMMI gave little attention to software testing.

The TMMi is complementary to the CMMI and utilises the concept of maturity levels for process evaluation and improvement.

The Australian and New Zealand Testing Board (ANZTB) recognises the importance of continuous improvement in testing processes and supports the TMMi reference framework.

Organisations use TMMi to assess and rank their testing practices. This assessment should result in recommendations for an organisation to mature their software testing and meet their desired maturity level. Implementing the TMMi assessment recommendations enables organisations to plan improvement effectively and derive many of the benefits and advantages around reducing risk, cost, and time to deliver while improving the quality of software that meets the needs of their business.

The model defines software quality management and testing at five levels of maturity (see picture below). The starting assumption is that any organisation starts at Level 1. As an organisation’s software quality and test processes improve and mature, they can attain recognition of the maturity level they have gained.

The local chapter of the TMMi (covering Australia and New Zealand) is affiliated with the ANZTB, see here for more details about TMMi, certificates, assessments andand to download the model.

The following are available via the Australia and New Zealand service providers:

TMMi Professional Certification

TMMi Professional

TMMi Professional is a certification that is open to all with an interest in the TMMi Model. TMMi Professionals are individuals who have demonstrated an understanding of the TMMi model and its application to a standard defined in the TMMi Professional syllabus.

For anyone who wants to understand TMMi and learn to do process improvement in their own organisation. See here for more details about the TMMi Professional certification.  For latest Syllabus click here.

Recommended prerequisite is ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate.

Hot News e1678591497621   We are very pleased to communicate that our exam partner, iSQI, are now offering online mock exams for the TMMi certification. To be redirected to the relevant iSQI page for further information and registration:

Click here for the TMMi-P Mock Exam Set A or here for the TMMi-P Mock Exam Set B

To book your TMMi Professional certification exam, click here.

TMMi Improver

Organisations seeking to improve their level of test maturity using the TMMi Model depend on experienced and qualified individuals to effectively assess and facilitate test improvement. The expectation is that a certified TMMi test process improver will be able to provide thorough support within their organisation or project to initiate, implement, and support TMMi based improvements to testing such that business value is provided to sponsors and stakeholders.

To learn more about this qualification, click here.

The application form for the TMMi test process improver can be found here. The instructions on filling in the application form and the process to follow are on the TABs at the bottom of this page, so please scroll down.

TMMi Improver

TMMi Assessments

For organisations to assess their testing maturity level, See here for more details.

Testimonials from organisations that have already been certificated can be found on the TMMi website here. Read about the value that they have gained from being assessed and now certified.

TMMi Assessment Method

TMMi Training For Assessors

On top of the TMMi Professional trainings, TMMi offer training for Assessors and Lead Assessors, see here.

For the process of becoming an assessor click here. This will provide you with the TMMi (Lead) Assessor Accreditation Criteria and the TMMi Assessor Application Form.

Become An Assessor

TMMi Accreditation

For companies who want to be TMMi assessment service providers in Australia and New Zealand, contact us for more information.

TMMi Accreditation

TMMi Service Providers in Australia and New Zealand

The following companies are currently certified to deliver TMMi services in the Australia and New Zealand. Please contact them directly for TMMi services:

TMMi Survey

The results of the second wolrd-wide TMMi® user survey have now been published.

In the last few years we have seen a huge growth in TMMi awareness and uptake. Local Chapters have played a very important role in the TMMi ecosystem and are largely responsible for this achievement.

The Executive Summary highlighted some key findings:

· High response rate (79%) and confidence (95%) in the findings

· Confirmation in the existing knowledge

· TMMi users mostly come from finance and IT software delivery domain

· With a high 97% of the respondents stating the achieved benefits with TMMi met or exceeded their expectations

· A very high 94% of the TMMi users experience product quality benefits, e.g., reduced risk levels, and a high 78% test efficiency benefits, e.g., increased productivity

· A much higher percentage of the organizations experience business benefits and alignment than with the previous survey (2021). 64% of the TMMi users are now reporting business benefits

· The alliance between ISTQB and TMMi remains to be important. ISTQB is a highly popular scheme (82%) for test training and certification

· No less than 96% of the TMMi users is applying test automation for test improvement thereby addressing the technology aspect

To read the full report click here to see the pdf.