TestOps - The Future of Software Testing

24th November (Thursday) 1pm to 1.45pm NZST (11am NSW )

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As the IT industry keeps on growing day by day there are also some modernization techniques introduced in order to increase the delivery of software development.

TestOps is a discipline that helps managing and scaling processes, people and tests in an automation test cycle to maximise the efficiency, quality and speed of application.  Companies are investing more in TestOps to improve their processes as part of CI/CD pipeline.

This session will cover:
● The fundamentals of TestOps with its features.
● Working structure of TestOps
● Components of TestOps which help organisations to give them a kick start.
● How companies can adopt TestOps based on best practices.
● Why TestOps helps organisations to maximise their release delivery while
maintaining the high quality standards.
● Sharing some real time data, how it benefits big companies.
● Some live Tools demo (if time permits)


Raheem Mehdi is a Lead Engineer (Quality) at Xero, with 20 years of experience in quality and testing different products. Raheem implemented a quality squad from scratch and implemented an automation framework for different organisations based on their requirements. Raheem is not only a good quality player but has also worked at different levels such as Project manager, Agile coach and BI Analyst. Raheem is a certified Agile Professional along with Six Sigma Certified green belt. Raheem also loves to play with data and conduct some online sessions to explore power BI tools. Raheem loves to play cricket and table tennis in his free time and is also part of some community service activities.


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