ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level - Technical Test Analyst

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ISTQB® Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst certification is the next logical step for experienced professionals who have sufficient grasp over the basics of software testing and have completed the ISTQB® Foundation Level Course.

It demonstrates that certified Technical Test Analyst have advanced technical software testing skills and understand programming better than other testers. It helps testers to develop the capability to do more than just black-box testing but to be able to apply engineering concepts to an application or product from technical testing perspective.

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Value for Organisation

  • Certified resources will be able support your agile and devops implementations, given they both require more technical skills
  • Propose improvements to the automation, security, maintainability and testability of code by applying static analysis
  • Create test plans which detail the planning, design and execution of tests for mitigating the risks related special characteristics (like accountability, adaptability, analysability, authenticity, availability, capacity, co-existence, compatibility, confidentiality, fault tolerance, installability, integrity, maintainability, maturity, modifiability, modularity, portability, recoverability, reliability)

Value for Candidate

  • Apply appropriate structural test design techniques and best practices (control flow testing, decision testing, modified condition/decision testing, multiple condition testing, path testing, statement testing, control flow analysis, data flow analysis and cyclomatic complexity)
  • Ensure that tests provide an adequate level of confidence, based on code coverage and design coverage
  • Recognise risks in code and software architecture and create test plan elements to mitigate those risks through static analysis and dynamic analysis
  • Grow your career prospects by learning new technical skills that support working in agile and devops teams
  • Understand the basic technical concepts in API testing, test automation (capture/playback, data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing) and performance testing (operational profile, performance efficiency, memory leak and resource utilisation)