The ANZTB mission is to generate public awareness of the economic and risk management benefits that professional software testing practices offer. They enable their customers to develop their careers in line with trending industry demands.

In conjunction with the ISTQB®, the ANZTB is responsible for providing a consistent trusted accreditation system for the education and training of professional testers. Our Board develops, adopts and contributes to standards for software testing, training course development, and professional qualification.

Certification of testing professionals to the values and syllabi developed by ISTQB® is core to the services ANZTB provide.

We support members from all areas of the software delivery industry to uplift their skills, competency, knowledge of testing and instil discipline for quality engineering ways of working.

Through the extensive ANZTB network we facilitate collaboration between testing and quality professionals, learning through events and distribution of trending and topical information and articles.

The ANZTB offers:
• Accreditation and on-going audit of training providers to supply courses which meet the ISTQB® syllabi.
• Facilitation of certification of individuals according to ISTQB® criteria.
• Promotion of test engineering and management as a career path for IT professionals throughout Australasia.
• Enablement of access to both local and international experts to share their knowledge through organised events.


To promote testing professionalism, supporting career growth and elevating the importance of testing and quality management practices.


David Hayman Contractor

David Hayman: Chair

David has been in IT for 37 years, 32 of those focusing on the testing arena.  He has operated at all levels and roles including most recently as a Test Practice Manager and also as a Test Consultant/Strategist for a large number of organisations across a wide range of industries.  He has also been involved in creating and running two independent testing consultancies one in the UK the other in New Zealand.

David has been involved with ISEB/ISTQB® certification schemes in a number of volunteer roles since 1999.  He has previously held the chair role at ANZTB from 2010 to 2014.

David moved to New Zealand in 2004 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ronak Profile Photo

Ronak Panchal: Vice Chair

Ronak is an QA Engineering Lead who has about 15 years’ experience in Digital services.  During his career in software testing, Ronak has worked on a wide range of technologies in the banking and travel domains.  He has worked on various sized projects for some high profile international customers in Auckland, Pune, Zurich, London and Singapore.
Ronak is passionate about automation testing and the ongoing improvement to the testing process.
Currently Ronak contributes to the testing community in Auckland through assisting with social and informative events, promoting testing as a career, and mentoring junior test analysts. He also maintains and supports the technology needs of the board.

Ronak is based in Auckland – New Zealand.

david fuller

David Fuller: Treasurer,  Public Officer, Training Provider & Partner Program Liaison

David has over 20 years’ experience in delivering practical testing solutions to clients in the Financial Services industry, with a focus on the promotion of Agility & best practice Testing techniques and tools across the Software Development Lifecycle.

David is currently Portfolio Test Manager (for Cards & Payments) & Captain of the Agile Faculty for the Westpac Banking Group. He strongly believes in the promotion of Testing as a career and has hands-on experience with quality standards including ISO 9000, 9126 and CMMI.

David is based in Sydney NSW – Australia.

Graeme Mackenzie Photo small

Graeme Mackenzie: Board Member

Graeme has been managing software testing for over 25 years, typically at a strategic or organisational level.

Graeme has held strategic management roles in a variety of organisations and industries including telecommunications, finance, fishing, oil, and Government. He also has considerable experience in managing remote teams including teams spread around the world.

Graeme is a founding board member of ANZTB and is currently the ANZTB Vice Chair.  He is a past Chair of the ISTQB® Exam Working Party which drives ISTQB® exams globally.

He currently holds ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Manager and ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Analyst.

Graeme is currently with DXC in Wellington, New Zealand.


Stanley Johannes: Board Member

Stanley is an ISTQB® certified Advanced Test Analyst and a certified Professional Scrum Master. His experience spans a diverse range of industries including travel, musical instrument production, consulting and insurance. He has worked on various sized projects, using both traditional methodologies and Agile.

Stanley is passionate about improving the value of testing to the IT industry, the increasing inclusion of testing courses in the education sector, and the promotion of testing as a professional career choice.

Currently Stanley contributes to the testing community in Christchurch through the Test Professional Network and by mentoring junior test analysts.

Stanley is based in Christchurch – New Zealand.

Veronica Belcher

Veronica Belcher: Board Member

Veronica is an ISTQB® Foundation Level experienced Test Consultant.  She has worked across the government, mining and insurance sectors since 2001 in varied roles from Test Analyst, Test Lead, Test Coordinator and Test Manager. She is passionate about testing and the ongoing promotion of the value of testing within business communities. She has experience in v-model, waterfall and agile technologies and has worked on a number of large and small scale projects throughout her career.

Mentoring less experienced testers and sharing knowledge is the cornerstone to Veronica’s approach to testing, ensuring testers maintain a quality focus at all times.

She regularly assists with SIGiST’s in Brisbane and is on hand to assist in any other ways to promote the software testing profession.

Veronica is based in Brisbane QLD – Australia.

Leanne Howard

Leanne Howard: Board Member

Leanne currently works as the Global Business Agility Practice Director with Planit Testing.  She has been in the testing industry for more than 25 years, both in Australia and the UK, working in many domains and diverse programmes.  She is keen to mentor and share her experiences through education for test and agile professionals.  Leanne takes a practical and pragmatic approach to testing, using all of her skills and competencies, selecting from her vast “toolkit” of techniques to fit the context in which she works.  Leanne is focused on delivering the highest quality to her stakeholders.  She has extensive knowledge of Agile methodologies, she holds a number of agile/test certifications and has been a speaker at global industry conferences.  She is also a keen author of whitepapers and articles for various magazines.

Leanne has authored ISTQB® and agile training courses and was instrumental in setting up the SIGiST Sydney (Special Interest Group in Software Testing).  She is a Senior Certified Professional member of Australian Computer Society, a member of TMMi Foundation and sits on Standards Australia Committees.  Leanne is also on ISTQB® syllabus and strategy, plus TMMi working groups.  She holds ISTQB® Full Advanced Level Test Professional Certificate in Software Testing and a Foundation Level Agile Tester.  Leanne was also recognised by her peers through the iAward ICT Woman of the Year 2014.

Leanne is based in Sydney NSW – Australia.

PB 1

Pushparajan Balasubramanian (PB): Board Member

PB is currently working as a Test Lead for Dynamo Recruitment Limited in Melbourne (Australia).

He has 21 years of experience in the field of Software Testing. He has worked in many countries including Canada, U.S.A, New Zealand and Australia and delivered various testing projects successfully (from small size to large transformation projects).

He has experience in the field of Digitisation Business Analysis, Agile Methodologies, Project Management, Cloud Migrations, Integration Design, Test Management, Architecture, Software Quality Assurance of Desktop, Mobile, Web and Cloud based applications, Manual Testing and Test Automation.

He is involved in all stages of development and testing life cycle and different types and phases of functional and non-functional testing. He is passionate about learning modern technologies and bringing artificial intelligence capabilities into software testing.

PB has successfully achieved the following ISTQB® certifications through ANZTB:

  • ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level
  • ISTQB® Certified Tester Agile Tester Extension
  • ISTQB® Certified Model based Tester
  • ISTQB® Certified Tester Performance Testing
  • ISTQB® Certified Advanced Test Analyst
  • ISTQB® Certified Advanced Test Manager
  • ISTQB® Certified Advanced Automation Tester
  • ISTQB® Certified Advanced Security Tester
  • ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester
  • GTB Certified Usability Tester

Currently he is helping with updating and modernising the ANZTB website and improving the ISTQB® exam processes.


Vignesh Balasubramanian

Vignesh currently works as a Senior Test Automation and Performance specialist in ASB. He has over 17 years of Testing experience in various technology domains Cloud Technologies, Mobile Computing Devices, REST API/ Webservices, Mobile Operating Systems, and Wireless technologies.

He has been practicing different flavours of Agile Methodologies (Scrum, SAFe, DevOps) for the last 14 years and is strong in implementing Agile Test Strategies, building self-organized testing teams. He is focused on using automation for continuous testing (both functional and non-functional) and providing early feedback in all test phases. Vignesh is keen on capturing the customer use-cases upfront to ensure the product is fit for the purpose. He has vast experience in Risk-based testing and Rapid software testing. He is passionate about sharing his Agile and Automation experience with the testing community.

Vignesh is an ISTQB® Certified (Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Technical Test Analyst, Agile Tester) and SAFe 5 Certified Agilist. He holds a Masters degree in Communication and Systems.

Vignesh is based in Auckland – New Zealand.


Stuart Masters 300dpi 002 6x6

Stuart Masters

Stuart Masters leads PwC Australia’s Testing as a Service practice and is an experienced program/project Test Manager. With over 22 years of program delivery experience, Stuart has had success in leading test assurance over a multitude of programs and projects for Federal and State Government and private sector clients in Australia. He has also been a program test manager for some of the largest and most complex ICT programs in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia including the opening of two major hospitals and lead testing for a new international passport.

Stuart has a deep understanding of Program Test Management delivery and assurance, testing best practices, key challenges in the software delivery lifecycle and quality management in program delivery across multiple industry and technology segments. Stuart has provided insights and advice to clients globally across Health, Education, Defense, Financial Services and IT Infrastructure sectors which has helped him to establish an outstanding professional track record. Stuart is passionate about software testing and feels it is greatly undervalued within the context of major transformation programs and maintenance of critical IT solutions which provide trust in society. Stuart would like to raise our industry profile and attract new members to our industry.

Stuart is based in Brisbane QLD – Australia