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The International Software Testing Quality Board Australia & New Zealand

The ANZTB focuses on the global standard of accreditation from the ISTQB
and provides testing professionals with certification, dependable training and
career enhancing support. Through the ANZTB, testers receive professional
training and have access to a consistent method of education and accreditation.
The Board continually works with ISTQB to develop and set international standards
for software testing, training course development and professional qualification.

Already, the ISTQB have certified more than 300,000 testers worldwide.
Contact the ANZTB today to find out more information on how to enhance
your career and be globally certified.
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New & Updates

We are pleased to welcome our first Partner BMM Testlabs who have achieved Gold level in the ISTQB Partner Program. Read more about the ISTQB Partner Program here

Our next Canberra SIGiST takes place at the Southern Cross Club in Woden on Thursday, 30 July at 12:30pm. Register here

Our next SIGiST in Perth will take place at the IBIS Perth on Tuesday, 4 August at 5:30pm. Register here

Christchurch Workshop: Using Influence Diagrams to Understand Testing. Join Isabel Evans, UK-based author of 'Achieving Software Quality Through Teamwork' for an engaging afternoon in Christchurch on 17 August. Register here

Our next SIGiST in Christchurch will take place at The George at 5:30pm on 17 August and features our guest speaker Isabel Evans. Register here

Our next SIGiST in Wellington will take place at Wellesley Boutique hotel at 5:30pm and features guest speaker Isabel Evans. Register here

Our next SIGiST in Auckland will take place at Stamford Plaza Auckland at 5:30pm and features guest speaker Isabel Evans. Register here

Our next SIGiST in Sydney will take place at Karstens at 5:30pm. Register here

Presentations from ANZTB Test 2015 Conference in Auckland can be downloaded here

The exciting, new Agile Tester Extension exam is now available! Check out the video clip that describes this innovative module and the materials available for download (including sample exam questions).

If you would like to contribute to ANZTB, and help us to advance the testing profession, please contact us.

ISTQB certifications exceed 300,000 worldwide. Read the announcement here.

Check out the amazing new animated video clip that explains ISTQB Certification in just three minutes.

Rex Black talks about the software testing profession, March 2012. Watch the ten minute interview here

The ANZTB hosted ISTQB's General Assembly meeting in Wellington on 9 March 2012. Photos of the event can be viewed here